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PIC 4020 Update – Immigration Tightens the Screws

PIC 4020 Update – Immigration Tightens The Screws The following trends are increasingly evident in the cases that clients are bringing to Career Up. Their experience shows that visa applicants are well advised to seek experienced professional assistance from Career Up before lodging visa related applications, such as; skills assessment applications, applying for police clearances, […]

PIC 4013 & PIC 4014 Exclusion Periods

PIC 4013 & PIC 4014 Exclusion Periods PIC 4013 & PIC 4014 are Public Interest Criteria that must be met for grant of most temporary visas for Australia. When listed as criteria for a visa, PIC 4013 and PIC 4014 can prevent the grant of the visa for up to three years after a cancellation […]

Visa Application Refusal or Visa Cancellation

Visa Application Refusal or Visa Cancellation There are few things more personal than the right to be in a country with a right to live there or to do certain things there, such as to study, to work, to live, or just to be safe. If you suffer a visa application refusal or visa cancellation, […]

Money Saving Options for Some Partner Visas

Money Saving Options for Some Partner Visas Immigration raised the visa application charges for partner visas by around 50% from 1 January. The new charges mean that to sponsor a partner with one dependent child to Australia, the application charges have gone up from $6,865 to $8,585 (onshore) and from $3,855 to $5,785 (offshore). For […]

New Character Test

In November 2014, the current government successfully passed a Bill through parliament to effect a new character test. The Bill also introduced some additional cancellation powers under the Migration Act. When Did the New Character Test Commence? The new character test became law and came into force on 11 December 2014. How and When is […]


RISK Risk is unavoidable so it is no surprise that people spending large amounts of money on visa applications want as much certainty as possible. Unfortunately Risk is everywhere and cannot be avoided – only managed. Types of Risk You name it, there is risk at every step of the way; – Knowledge Risk – […]

Labour Market Testing

Labour Market Testing (LMT) Employers wishing to sponsor overseas workers may be required to show they have done adequate Labour Market Testing when nominating workers to fill positions. What is Labour Market Testing? Requirements are that, unless exempt, employers should actively seek an Australian worker to fill any position they plan to sponsor an overseas […]

More Good News on PIC 4020

More Good News on PIC 4020 The Australian government made changes to regulations last week that affect how PIC 4020 will apply to some people. The changes take effect from 23 November. The changes to PIC 4020 mean that exclusions of 3 or 10 years will not be enforced if the person applying is under […]

Should I use a migration agent

Should I use a Migration Agent People often agonise over whether to use a migration agent, so the reasonable question is; What value will the agent give me in the application process? Frequently people come to Career Up for advice and assistance after they find out they have a problem, that they made a mistake, […]