Labour Market Testing

Labour Market Testing (LMT)

Employers wishing to sponsor overseas workers may be required to show they have done adequate Labour Market Testing when nominating workers to fill positions.

What is Labour Market Testing?

Requirements are that, unless exempt, employers should actively seek an Australian worker to fill any position they plan to sponsor an overseas worker to before the nomination can be approved.

The rules in relation to Labour Market Testing change frequently.

Why do Labour Market Testing?

The idea is that employers should look for local workers before bringing in workers from overseas to fill positions.

Is Labour Market Testing needed every time?

Not all positions and not all workers require Labour Market Testing – there are a range of exemptions based on the position to be filled or the country of origin of the worker, for example, and there are more exemptions based on other factors.

How to avoid a mis-step?

Before sponsoring workers to temporary or permanent visas for Australia, contact Career Up for reliable advice based on our experience and knowledge of the law.

Career Up will handle your 457 visa sponsorship, nomination, and application processes professionally and efficiently to assist you bring your workers to your work site quickly and with minimum fuss, where eligible.

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