PIC 4020 Update – Immigration Tightens the Screws

PIC 4020 Update – Immigration Tightens The Screws

The following trends are increasingly evident in the cases that clients are bringing to Career Up.

Their experience shows that visa applicants are well advised to seek experienced professional assistance from Career Up before lodging visa related applications, such as; skills assessment applications, applying for police clearances, preparing visa applications, and appealing visa refusals or cancellations.

The wave of visa application refusals under PIC 4020 is proliferating and affecting almost every area of Immigration practice.

PIC 4020 was recently extended to almost all sub-classes with rare exceptions.

The exceptions currently include bridging visas, refugee and protection visas, and a small number of other visa sub-classes.

PIC 4020 is apparently becoming the refusal mechanism of choice.

Where there is more than one reason to refuse a visa, for example;
– a student cannot demonstrate adequate funds (potential refusal reason #1), and
– a bogus document was provided, even if it does not affect the criteria for the visa (potential refusal reason #2),

then increasingly, Immigration is choosing to refuse the visa using PIC 4020, thus imposing bans on future applications if no waiver is available.

Time periods for response are getting shorter.

Immigration policy says that in most cases, “Natural Justice” notifications must be given.

“Natural Justice” means applicants have an opportunity to comment on, or respond to a suspicion that information supplied is false or misleading, or that a document provided is bogus.

An invitation to respond is given by email or letter, but is occasionally being given by telephone. When given by telephone, the applicant might have as little as a few minutes to respond to the adverse information (accusations).

Time periods to respond to written notices are increasingly as short as 7 days, but in most cases longer periods are allowed.

Official Documents too.

Career Up has heard reports of refusals of visas where official documents provided by authorities show errors such as misspellings of names and wrong dates resulting in refusals under PIC 4020.

Errors by Local Staff at Embassies.

Career Up has assisted several clients where case officers have accepted inaccurate or plain wrong reports by local embassy staff that documents are bogus, but where the documents are not, in fact, bogus.

How can I avoid getting caught by PIC 4020 ?

Careful planning and preparation from the start of the application process.

Contact Career Up to help you plan and avoid problems with PIC 4020.

What if I already have a Natural Justice letter?

Contact Career Up immediately to organise the best response possible in your circumstances within the time allowed.

What if my visa application is already refused?

Contact Career Up immediately to assess your options.

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