Risk is unavoidable so it is no surprise that people spending large amounts of money on visa applications want as much certainty as possible.

Unfortunately Risk is everywhere and cannot be avoided – only managed.

Types of Risk

You name it, there is risk at every step of the way;
Knowledge Risk – Do you know what is required and what to do to successfully apply for the visa?
Regulatory Risk – Will that fantastic legal loop hole you know about, be quietly closed before your application gets through?
Political Risk – Will the government change, or simply change policy so that the planned pathway to your target visa becomes an expensive waste of time? Think about refugees on boats during the current & last governments and General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa changes back in 2011 and 2012. A more common example is if your occupation is quietly dropped off the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
Administration Risk – Did the assessing officer spend all night up with a sick baby before picking up your file and wrongly refusing it?
Administration Risk 2 – Does the policy manual correctly reflect the law it is trying to explain to case officers?
Documentation Risk – Does that employment reference from 5 years ago have a dodgy ABN? or Did the guy who signed have the authority to give the reference?
Exhaustion Risk  – Do you have the energy, drive, and commitment to keep up with your studies, job-seeking, sponsor-finding, and whatever else is needed to achieve the visa goal you have set?
Monitoring Risk – Has your employer kept up-to-date with their training contributions?
Third Party Risk – Has the employer sold the business and changed the ABN without going through the correct processes with Immigration?
Supporter Risk – Has that person who wrote a supporting statement about your de facto relationship 2 years ago turned against you?
Black Swan Risk – These are risks that no-one thought possible or likely, but which do come up from time to time, such as a severe storm knocking out power in an entire city on the last possible lodgement date, government websites inaccessible due to sustained DDOS attacks, even a tsunami destroying all records and killing all people who can support your planned application, to name some examples from the last few years.

That’s the short list, the long list of possible sources of risk is endless.

Managing Risk

Using an experience agent like Career Up will help you manage the range of risks you face.

We understand there is risk in every human activity, so the solution is to manage risk to the maximum extent possible through measures including;

– Continuous study and research of the Immigration law portfolio and training of staff to keep skills current and at the highest levels.
– Careful checking of previous applications, documents, and the other inputs of third parties where possible.
– Detailed and explanatory submissions to guide case officers through the legislation, regulations, and policy manual to arrive at a positive result.
(NB: any decision to approve or refuse any application is a matter for the Immigration Department and Minister. Career Up writes submissions to assist case officers correctly administer the law, but case officers are independent thinkers and may come to a different conclusion.)
– A workable Plan B (& Plan C & Plan D) is developed where possible.  It is good to keep open as many doors as possible, just in case your target pathway closes unexpectedly.
– Develop collaborative and cooperative relationships with third parties such as employers and supporting witnesses where appropriate.
– Maintain an unrelenting & on-going attitude of constant vigilance, looking ways to improve every application, to eliminate errors and correct problems ASAP.

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