Should I use a migration agent

Should I use a Migration Agent

People often agonise over whether to use a migration agent, so the reasonable question is; What value will the agent give me in the application process?

Frequently people come to Career Up for advice and assistance after they find out they have a problem, that they made a mistake, gave wrong information, misunderstood what was needed and even messed up simple things like missing a deadline – so the obvious point is that these problems and grief would not have happened if they used Career Up as their migration agent in the first place.

There are often alternative pathways to the same visa goals – sometimes with very different costs and level of effort required. Choosing the best pathway will ensure a more reliable result, usually with less cost and effort.

The main reason you should consider using Career Up as your migration agent is because Australian migration law and procedures are complex and constantly changing. Our agents are specialists with the expertise to advise on the options and the implications of different choices.

Our aim is to reduce the time, cost and hassle in achieving your objectives.

So, consider our services if:

  • You want to be sure you choose the best way to apply for a visa.
  • You aren’t sure about all the visa options open to you.
  • You’re worried about how your circumstances might affect your application.
  • You don’t have the time to educate yourself about every aspect of this complex area of law
  • You want to reduce the risk of making a mistake that will affect your and your family’s future

Some people may prefer to handle their own application where their circumstances are straightforward. Career Up can still assist you with reviewing your application prior to lodgement at an hourly rate. With the emphasis by the Immigration Department on submitting decision ready cases, this could be money well spent.

Use Career Up as your experienced MARA registered migration agent to take the hassle out of your application process and achieve the best result possible.

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