Visa Application Refusal or Visa Cancellation

Visa Application Refusal or Visa Cancellation

There are few things more personal than the right to be in a country with a right to live there or to do certain things there, such as to study, to work, to live, or just to be safe.

If you suffer a visa application refusal or visa cancellation, then it is a personal loss with sometimes deep implications for you, your family, and other people that you live and work with.

How to prevent visa application refusal or visa cancellation

In all things, prevention is the best cure, so before applying for a visa take time to know what is required for grant of the visa, and for most people this means seeking competent advice and assistance.

For Australian visas, you can get this valuable advice and assistance from registered migration agents, like Career Up.

Early preparation and knowledge will help you avoid visa cancellation too.

How can you know that Immigration is considering visa application refusal or visa cancellation?

Often the first hint of trouble is that Immigration contacts you or your representative and asks for further information or clarification.

It is more serious if the Immigration officer is telling you that they are considering refusing your application or cancelling your visa, and they are asking for your comments before they complete their decision process.

What to do

The first simple step is to make sure that Immigration (and education provider for student visas) have your correct current address and telephone number.

They will write to you or attempt to contact you at your “last known address”, and if you are not there then your application can be refused or visa cancelled before you know anything about it and even after your appeal rights (if any) have expired.

The second important step is to not delay. There are strict time limits for responding or appealing and if you miss out, that may well be the end of the process without any further consideration possible.

The third important step is to read all of the information that has been sent to you and understand it to the best of your ability.

Finally, seek qualified advice. Problems that appear enormous and impossible to solve can sometimes be solved more easily than you first think.

Unfortunately, some problems are so enormous that they are impossible to solve.

A qualified advisor like Career Up can tell you what can be done and what cannot be done.

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